Nobility International Dollar Agency

Accountability . Transparency . Oversight

Notice: Silence Is Violence

Report hate, perverts, terrorists, & professional / corporate / political corruption to OSIC.


The Nobility International Dollar (NID) is a novel blockchain-based MMT-capable humanitarian cryptocurrency with the built-in regulatory mechanisms listed below. NIDA is actively working towards the universal international adoption of the NID – an initiative by the Nobility International humanitarian organization. The NID is currently in development and will continue to be maintained by NIDA.


Consumer Protection

People over profit. No exceptions. NIDA vows to protect the public from financial predators.


Security Regulation

From online wallets to financial markets, personal data security is paramount.


Contract & Law Enforcement

NIDA looks forward to enhancing the UN‘s ability to enforce international law and commerce.

Funding Space Programs

NIDA will fund space exploration and terraforming projects and looks forward to working with the ESA.

Environmental Protection

There is only one planet. There are no 2 ways about this. Either we protect what we have, or we will lose it forever.

Universal Basic Income

The international community cannot keep treating flesh & blood people like robots. People deserve a safety net.

Massive Scientific Subsidies

NIDA believes that true scientific advancement is – at the least – a decade-long process, perhaps more.

1-World Financial Market

NIDA’s approach for reducing market friction  is one of consolidating all of the world’s financial markets into one.

Large Infrastucture Projects

NIDA looks forward to investing in UN-friendly nations that abide by international law.

Nobility International Sanctions Hamas

Nobility International Sanctions Hamas

In light of the recent terror attack orchestrated by Hamas and the disturbing revelation that cryptocurrency was used to fund the organization, the Nobility International Dollar Agency (NIDA) has taken the swift and decisive action to ensure the integrity of its...

World’s 1st Multi-Chain Is Now a Reality

World’s 1st Multi-Chain Is Now a Reality

Fellow Apollonians & state-bearing members of society, Approximately one year and a half ago, NIDA delved into unchartered territory with the development of the Nobility International Blockchain (NIB) - the first blockchain of its kind, known as a multi-chain....